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Dance during the sunset
stillness at night

very different experiences but somehow part of the same process.

by @ericparephoto, dance photographer and the guy dancing with the light 😉

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That's from the first shooting night of our last trip to uyuni.

when being there we don't want to miss a single opportunity to shoot. we know special that place is and can't be sure of going back soon. so we try to make the best out of it. 😊

with @ericparephoto

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Winter is more fun when you practice outdoor winter sports/games 😜

eric and i kiked our butts to create outside during winter. it had its challenges, but now we know we have to do it more next year. for now i won't complain that spring is finally arriving here... 🌱

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Less than a month before @photopills camp in #menorca
i can't wait to share this crazy experience with friends we met last year and all the new photopillers.
we'll be there for light painting of course, but here's a memory from last year, doing something else we love: giant sunset. it was a super exciting moment, an idea by germán and raph, 2 pillars of photopills.
swipe to see a little #bts from that shoot, shot by eric & i and edited by @m.abrahamercado 😊

by @ericparephoto at the #elephantrock
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Spinning top on muddcracks
#1 is my favorite
what's yours?

by @ericparephoto

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To anything that moves you, whatever and wherever it might be 💞

happy #internationaldanceday
by @ericparephoto
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Have you ever experienced sun stroke? raise your hand if so ☀

eric was recovering from one when we did that shoot. it was the first time i would see him walk to the cameras instead of running during the shoot 😉 joke aside, i was impressed by his willpower, i would have kept sleeping if i was him! that's dedication right there 👊

#lightpainting by @ericparephoto
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Things usually take time to achieve.
we had a side project in mind when we went to uyuni last year. it was short dance film. we did a first attempt of shooting during one sunset. we only wanted to give one day to that project because the list of things we wanted to shoot there was long 😉

it ended up being quite challenging. and cold, as expected. the sharp ground was a surprise though, as the conditions out there didn't allow us to go where we wanted. it was quite difficult for me and at the end i didn't feel satified at all with what i did, without gaving seen any footage. it was just a "i know i could have done better" type of feeling. i was frustrated that i couldn't move the way i envisioned because of the freezing water and painful ground to move on. or my capacity to adapt to those circumstances.

at that point i was blaming myself for not being prepared enough. but that's a waste of energy. now i know i want to go back and try again, to finish that project or use the experience we gained to serve a new project.

by @ericparephoto 😊
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Nothing like a good splash.

raise your hand if you ever enjoyed getting soaked in your clothes! 🙋

i usually do but i didn't enjoy as much the splash i got this morning by a car passing by in the street 😂🐩💦 #splash #beachwaves #chienmouillé #dancersofinstagram #montrealdancers #beachshoot
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The beach was calm and empty. "what a luck" we thought! and then blue hour came, with the mosquitos by its side. "that's why!" we thought. 😉

#lightpainting by @ericparephoto

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