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“my paintings can be called visual music,” says painter and educator kildren (@kildren ), who creates both digital and analog pieces inspired by music and the people who make it. “all my paintings coexist with realistic parts and abstract elements,” he explains. “balance is as important as composition.”

but above all else, kildren’s art, including this portrait of korean-american rapper jay park (@jparkitrighthere ), is made as a fan of the musicians he respects. #thisweekoninstagram

illustration by @kildren
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Lia kim (@liakimhappy ) took her first dance class at 15 and hasn’t stopped moving since. “my dance style is a combination of popping, hip-hop, waacking, vogueing and contemporary,” says the choreographer, who first gained recognition by participating in street dance battles.⁣

lia is responsible for some of k-pop’s most iconic dance routines and co-founded the 1million dance studio (@1milliondance ) — which extends from its physical location in seoul, south korea, to a massive global audience online. “in korea, there weren’t many opportunities given to dancers or choreographers. i felt it was incredibly important for the dancers to be able to have a place where they can truly be the artists, rather than being seen as backup dancers for singers and the support for other artists,” she explains.⁣

“it’s an amazing feeling to see that people are watching my dances and feeling inspired to cover my choreography and upload their videos.” #thisweekoninstagram⁣

photo by @liakimhappy
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#hellofrom ivalo, lapland, finland. we’re currently dreaming of this glass-domed building that offers the perfect vantage point to watch the northern lights at night.⁣

photo by @giuliogroebert
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Yes, she’s real. ⁣

meet october (@littlebittyoctober ), an itty-bitty, wide-eyed persian cat who — according to her human — is just as sweet as she looks. 👅⁣ #weeklyfluff
photo by @littlebittyoctober
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Visual artist and photographer adeyemi adegbesan’s (@yung.yemi ) fantastical imagery examines the intersectionality of black identity.⁣

“my work is a celebration of black cultural elements from across the diaspora,” says adeyemi, whose work is heavily inspired by the concepts of afrofuturism and pan-africanism. “i try to take elements that speak to my lived experience and weave it into a coherent narrative. i try to make work that portrays black people in a way that is powerful, resilient and autonomous.”⁣

i want people to see the diversity within the concept of ‘blackness’. i think a lot of times the concept of being black gets represented as this monolithic entity. my work is comprised by many different pieces and references that i use to represent a wide array of cultures, religions and aesthetics that are part of being ‘black’.⁣

i think both covid-19’s disproportionately heavy effect on black communities and all the protests in the wake of george floyd’s death have raised the general level of awareness of some of the barriers that the black community faces. that’s led me to have a lot of conversations with people that weren’t previously receptive to those facts, which i’m encouraged by.⁣

in terms of my artwork, i’m really trying to maintain my focus. these issues have always been in the forefront of my mind while i’m working, so i just want to keep that same energy moving forward.”⁣


illustration by @yung.yemi
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Author and independent curator kimberly drew (@museummammy ) works at the intersection of art, design and activism. a special focus of her work is celebrating black, indigenous, disabled and otherwise marginalized creatives.⁣

“i want people to know the incredible abundance of diversity. i want people to know that they should always have an imagination about what’s possible when we learn from each other,” says kimberly.⁣

“2020 has taught me that many people weren’t paying attention to the racist, ableist foundations of our world. many people didn’t hold themselves accountable to the work of dismantling white supremacy. many people have been complicit. i hope we all continue to learn more about our shared responsibility for a better world.⁣

i think it’s important that a platform like instagram highlights, amplifies and makes space for black creatives, because for far too long our voices have been unrightfully pushed to the margins. and, quite frankly, if you aren’t amplifying black voices, you’re silencing them. it’s as simple as that.⁣

the instagram community should take on any opportunity to follow someone who may be different from them.”⁣


photo of @museummammy by @tylersphotos
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For artist arielle bobb-willis (@ariellebobbwillis ), her camera is a tool for empowerment. arielle’s colorful photographic compositions of contorted human bodies are a response to her battles with depression and also a celebration of “black joy, self-preservation, empathy, sunny days and peace of mind.”⁣

“i’m motivated by healing and the release of fear,” says arielle. “i would say a big theme in my work is finding healthy ways to be yourself. freedom is important to me. working on getting to know myself allowed me to find the confidence to create whatever i want without the imaginary limits i had once accepted in my life.⁣

it took a long time for me to give myself permission to be who i am. people will project their fears onto you and to me my work is a physical representation of what it means to reject that in every way,” she says.⁣

“the world is filled with so many beautiful voices and perspectives. limiting that is deeply problematic because it leaves the black perspective in the hands of others, who have never experienced it. it’s important to understand that black lives come in all shapes and sizes and we are more than what the world has pigeonholed us to be.⁣

we are vibrant and it’s important to spotlight our stories because as you can see our diversity has been pushed to the side for too long. there’s immense power in your sensitivity, your vulnerability and your imagination. please keep going, i know you can do it. ❤️”⁣


photo by @ariellebobbwillis
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#hellofrom point reyes national seashore. we’re currently dreaming of this moment, captured during a calm and foggy california morning at the cypress tree tunnel.⁣⁣

photo by @markian.b
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Here are the faces of #pride. bold, bright and beautiful. 🌈💋✨⁣

meet @pradaolic , @watoniki, @sgairewood and @hibiscussseater . these lgbtq+ makeup artists from around the world created new looks that represent how they #sharewithpride, this june and beyond.⁣

“i #sharewithpride by recognizing the black and brown q***r folks who fought for lgbtqia+ rights to this day,” says 19-year-old myla (@pradaolic ). “and also by unapologetically being myself and doing things that make me happy.⁣

see how all these pride looks were created and learn more about each makeup artist, right now on our story and igtv.⁣

photos by @pradaolic , @watoniki, @sgairewood and @hibiscussseater
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In celebration of the lgbtq+ community, makeup artists @pradaolic, @watoniki, @sgairewood and @hibiscussseater share amazing new looks inspired by the bold, bright and beautiful spirit of #pride.
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“i’m black and i’m proud. let me say it loud.” ✨⁣
“black lives matter is not a compound sentence.” 💯⁣
“the first step to enlightenment is awareness of the darkness.” 🗣⁣

it’s on all of us to #shareblackstories like these and take action for racial justice. see more posts on our story and watch the full videos on their accounts. 🖤⁣⁣

video by @jessieb803; photo by @browniepointsforyou; video by @oldchapcharity
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On today’s #weeklyfluff, meet the gentle giant julie (@imatsol ). she's a saint bernard with a loving, calm and tolerant personality — no matter the playful antics of her more boisterous friends. (she’s babysitting.)⁣

video and photo by @imatsol
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