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My cartoon in the @newyorkermag this week. go read something smart and laugh somewhere near the middle!
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My @newyorkermag caption contest has a winner! congrats ryan spiers! i like this caption. @naviedm very close if not the same as urs?
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My cartoon in @newyorkermag this week. get one and read that kick a*s report on trump campaign’s shady web traffic with russia by dexter filkins.
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My cartoon up on @madmag site today! #kavanaugh #trump #senate #confirmation
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Wavve really committed to the vince mcmahon c*****g gif. #adultswimfestival
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Thanks @jessica_el_see for reposting this toon i did in 2016. i’m sad how relevant this cartoon still is. #kavanaugh #scotus
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It’s not too late to vote for the finalists! head over to newyorker.com to make your voice heard. consider it a chance for you to practice for november, 6th.
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My daily for @newyorkermag today. kavanaugh yells about how balanced he is. #kavanaugh #scotus #cartoon
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Just a reminder for all you lemon comedy fans, @lemongeorgecartoons is fresh squeezed every tuesday and thursday courtesy of @drawnbytom and i. #cartoons #absurd #funny
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My cartoon in @newyorkermag this week. check out all the others online, some great ones this week. link in bio! #cartoons #genie #airtravel
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@lostinyone and i at @lonniemillsap book release/gallery show at @castelliartspace - buddy sandwich! #cartoons #art #funny #wine
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