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My internal monologue here was something along the lines of 'don't hunch your shoulders, are you smiling enough, but make it look natural not fake, don't do claw-hands, stop slouching' etc

gradually getting better at putting the ol' mug forward on here!
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Can't get enough of these texture studies
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Extreme texture close-up!

dried slightly differently than i hoped..it looked soo cool when wet. still, i like what happened here & i have more ideas off the back of this i've gotta try out
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Pinks, violets, blues, greens..colours that always seem to draw me in and lift me up, and it hits deeply. it's interesting how colour can have such an effect on your mood like that. and that's really the main intent behind my art, to create something that connects to you on an emotional level, down to the core, lifting the spirits and cutting through the drudgery and fog of everday life. 🌺 tl:dr depression* sucks, so i try make things that ease those feelings. *insert your struggle here
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If i hide behind this, monday can't find me right?!
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One more piece that was vastly improved by being mounted to board! this was a verrrrryyyy early piece in my ink journey, 😂 i've definitely improved in the year+ since i created this! because i'm so unattached, this'll be purely for practicing resin techniques
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I mounted my art, now i like this piece again. it'll be a lemming in resin attempt no1
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Here is a green thing, next to other colourful things #brightenyodayup
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Still contemplating my next move on this..i'm not really attached to it but weirdly i still find myself holding back, unable to just toss more colour onto it 🤷‍♀️
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Feeling nostalgic today, tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of starting this account. i remember how much i dithered over setting it up! haha! it was a few months after buying my first ink starter pack and i was hooked, had fallen head over heels for this different medium that had brought colour and creativity back into my life. exploring inks has been helping me heal from some pretty horrid c**p that had landed in my lap in early 2017 courtesy of someone else's s****y choices/actions. i'm still a work in progress i suppose, but things are sooo much better than they were 1.5yrs ago and i'm very grateful for the improved outlook, the hard work to get myself there paid off. this piece is one of my earliest, it was the first 'keeper' that i framed for my wall and it brings me so much joy. it's one of a handful of pieces i've kept, and i love seeing them peppered around amongst the other artworks and plants that beautify my living space. they're a reminder of hope and hard work.

this is my very roundabout way of saying i'm also incredibly grateful for everyone who has come along on this creative ride!! truly, i never thought anyone would even be interested in what i was sharing yet here we are 1 year later! i'd like to show that appreciation, so..there is going to be a giveaway announcement *tomorrow* because i feel this anniversary is an important milestone to the journey i'm on, and i would rather celebrate this over reaching an arbitrary follower number, because i'm all about this kind of sentimentality hahaha!
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Woohoo!! all finished! i feel pretty elated that my first series is all done and dusted! exploring the variations and iterations of a repeated subject has been really interesting and a nice lil challenge, and i will definitely be revisiting in future 🙃
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