Laura C Ink artist in Melbourne, Kiwi at heart 🥝 Creating for the love of it 🎨 pls credit me if using my art pics Can ship w/w. Pls DM any sale enquiries 🌹
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Full shot of this bluey-green piece. i love it, the details are amazing, see a few posts back for close-up shots 😍😍😍
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Full shot of the piece i wasn't so sure about. still not sure about it, but it does have some nice details. alcohol ink and hi flow acrylic on yupo.
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Full shot of this 9x12 piece. alcohol ink and golden hi flow acrylic. lots of iridescent details in this.
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Really liked this piece at first...now, i'm not so sure on it. this bit of detail is nice though.
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More google earth lookalike details 😍 oh, and i clocked 1k followers last night. just wanted to say a very heartfelt thank you to you for liking my artwork enough to join me on this lil ride, i appreciate it a lot 💕😚 (ps i do have plans for a giveaway to celebrate 1k, and possibly a sale on some 5x7 pieces...i just need to get some more uv protect and varnish, currently all out 🙃)
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This piece has so many cool details, feels like i'm looking at aerial shots of rocky coastline 😍 also included some golden hi flow acrylics, diluted differently than the last time, learning how the acrylics react best for what i want to achieve. love exploring different processes!
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First attempt at including golden hi flows+ink. used isopropyl to dilute the acrylic, which worked well on the iridescent but kind of didn't on the magenta, but i still really like the resulting piece! trial and error is one of my fave parts of the process!
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Gorgeous edge
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Full slot of this colour study
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Detail 😍
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I'm getting paua shell vibes from this little colour study 🐚
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Back into it! 🤗
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Around christmas time, i decided to get a painting commissioned for myself. i've adored mette lindberg's work for a long time and had also bought some paper works of hers in 2017, so it was not a hard decision to get a larger piece commissioned! swipe to see her (hopefully) temporary spot, which might be her permanent spot if my landlord doesn't allow a s***w in the wall! artist @mettelindbergart stretched and framed by the lovely team at @guggenart
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Nearing the end of my trip, in 3 days i'll be back in melbs and snuggling the bajeezus out of rambo. been missing my floofy boy something chronic, its been an emotional trip & i can't wait to rebalance myself with creativity (plus i'm excited to get experimenting with the goodies i've picked up from @gordonharrisartsupplies while i've been in nz!)
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Full shot of this lil 5x7 . am down on the coromandel peninsula in a little town called kuaotunu, having a ball with good friends to celebrate their 10yr wedding anniversary 💖 last nights sunset was rather pretty
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Wasn't sure i liked this at first, but it's grown on me so much, i love it!! definitely see myself doing more pieces using these colours 😍 (sold)
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Am off home to nz today! so i'll be posting less frequently for the next couple of weeks 🛫
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Corner detail... . . excited for tomorrow evening, i'm heading home to nz for a 2 week vacation. i am so ready for some niece cuddles!!!
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9x12 inks on yupo. recreated a recent canvas board piece on yupo just to see how the look changes with different substrates
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