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The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
We are delighted to announce that one of our hardworking rangers, kapuna lepale, popularly known as ‘nanyuki’, is a winner of the inaugural paradise ranger award! 50 rangers across the continent have received this recognition from the ali baba foundation, and we are so pleased nanyuki is one of them.

nanyuki’s story is one of hope and redemption.
he is a former poacher, who after five years of illegally killing wildlife, became overwhelmed by the impact of his activities and decided to turn his life around. with the help of elders, nanyuki left his life of crime. he joined lewa 18 years ago as a ranger to atone for his actions and has since become an indispensable member of the team. this award is a crowning moment to honour his dedication to ensuring a future for wildlife.

i have committed my life to making up for what i did. when i decided to change, there was no better way to ‘clean my hands’ than to become a wildlife protector. my family and community, who had ostracised me, are now my biggest champions," he says.

edward ndiritu, our head of anti-poaching, says that nanyuki is fully deserving of this award.

for 18 years now, nanyuki has been at the forefront of our efforts. he works harder than people half his age, inspires and trains new rangers, and boosts the morale of the team. the lewa anti-poaching team wouldn’t be what it is today without him." #ranger #conservation #wildlife #lewawildlifeconservancy #boranaconservancy #whyilovekenya
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The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
Picture by @daveccox

yas, one of the dominant male lions on the conservancy, looks out for prey around the lewa swamp. the swamp is a popular hunting and resting spot for lions.

we are happy to see lions in our landscape thriving. population across africa continue to face threats from conflict with humans and loss of habitat. here on the lewa-borana landscape, our work with neighbouring communities and partner organisations is helping to secure a future for this iconic cat.

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The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
Happy mother's day! 💕💕 💕

video: @bush_and_beyond for @lewa_house

music: africa by marcus warner.

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The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
Sunset, elephants and wind in the long grass - a magical evening here at lewa.

it's been fantastic to see many elephant calves amongst the herds. thanks to the recent rains, the elephants will have the resources they need to survive and thrive. last year was a challenging year for both people and wildlife, with drought wiping out herds of livestock and wildlife, and causing conflict across the landscape. the widespread rains bring welcome relief.

video: @bush_and_beyond for @lewa_house
song: snimbe by tama
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The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
Curious kitui!

we dropped by to see kitui and his keeper adan earlier today, and captured this cheeky shot of him trying to get a closer look at our camera. 📷: @stevetoom

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The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
Come celebrate the results!

in january 2018, over 700 citizen scientists came together to collect photographic data on the most vulnerable species of northern kenya- the endangered grevy's zebra and the threatened reticulated giraffe.

on june 23rd, the great grevy's ball will be held to officially celebrate this collective effort while unveiling the results of the census.
grab a mask, your fanciest black and white threads and join the @grevyszebratrust and its partners for an evening of celebration and illuminating discussions on the future of these vulnerable species.

tap link in @grevyzebratrust's bio to purchase early tickets! 📷: suzi esterhas
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The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
Sky high!

we recently met sobaro dalmas tim during a school outreach activity. we were impressed not only by how high he could jump, but how well he led his school dance troupe in their welcome dance.
his teachers have since shared that in addition to leading his school dance troupe, sobaro excels in his other extra-curricular activities. he is also a sports captain and a member of his school's environmental club.

the out-going boy attends lewa primary school, one of the 23 schools supported by our education programme. lewa invests over $1,000,000 in education yearly in order to give talented young men and women like sobaro a chance to realise their potential and work towards prosperous futures for themselves and their families.
sobaro and his community share their land with wildlife, and by supporting them, we help show them why it matters.
keep soaring sobaro, we'll be cheering you on! 📸: @stevetoom
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The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
Happy #labourday!

we hope your day is as laid back and relaxed as kitui's.
the 3-year-old rhino has always loved mud-baths, and from the look of these images, a good splash remains one of his top pastimes. ⏪⏪ swipe left ⏪⏪ 📷: @stevetoom

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The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
Thank you all for your wonderful appreciation of dr mutinda and his work. he is deeply touched by the supportive comments.

in continuing with his good work, this week, dr mutinda and his team rescued an elephant calf, found abandoned at loisaba conservancy. the 3-week-old calf had been found wandering unaccompanied and by morning it became apparent that the little calf’s herd had moved on without it.

when the team found the calf, it was in good health save for a few injuries around its ears and feet from a suspected jackal attack during the night. without its herd, the chances of the calf’s survival in the wild were limited, and continued stay without care would have jeopardized its health.

the calf was airlifted to the reteti elephant sanctuary (@r.e.s.c.u.e ) in order to receive the round-the-clock care needed for its survival.

we will keep you updated on his progress. 📹: karen wu (@linkar88 )
📷: @batian_kenya
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The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
Lives of lewa: dr. matthew mutinda, wildlife vet
dr mutinda has been saving animal lives for the past 10 years, 7 of those here on lewa and northern kenya. every year, he attends to close to 200 cases, which range from translocations and rescues, to animals injured after poaching attempts.

what motivated dr mutinda’s passion in veterinary science?
growing up, most families in my home area kept livestock. i noticed that the death of cattle was often devastating to the families who depended on them for their income and this is what sparked my interest in wanting to treat animals,
he says.

dr mutinda also says that being a vet has been the most fulfilling decision of his life. for the longest time, he was the only one in the laikipia and northern kenya region, and as a result, has directly participated in saving hundreds of wildlife.

however, his job has not been without challenges. one harrowing case he recalls is of a pregnant rhino that had been shot by poachers, then left to bleed to death with her intestines hanging out. the rhino struggled to fight for her life. it was devastating. we felt so helpless as there wasn’t much we could do to save it, he says.

luckily, for one terrible story, there are many positive ones. dr mutinda and his team once rescued a rhino calf whose mother was a victim of poaching. it was very difficult to move the calf, but they managed to, and it’s now healthy and thriving at david sheldrick wildlife trust. they named the calf solio, and he often follows up on the calf’s progress.

every day i wake up, knowing that i have a sense of purpose. seeing all the animals we’ve saved, all the work we’ve done, nothing gives me greater joy, he says.

dr mutinda is married and is a father to a one-year-old son, whom he’s eager to take out on wildlife adventures.
video: @stevetoom
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The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
Hongera sana to our friend, the incredible @kipchogeeliud on a brilliant win at the #londonmarathon2018!

it's been an honour to host him on lewa several times for our annual marathon and each time our team has been
deeply impressed by his humility and dedication.

keep flying kenya's flag high, eliud!
#eliudkipchoge #lewawildlifeconservancy #londonmarathon #safaricommarathon 📸: @stevetoom & pete newland
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The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
Lives of lewa: joseph piroris
my name is joseph piroris and i'm 26 years old. often, when i meet new people, the first thing they ask me is, what is it like to be a ranger?

my answer is always simple. firstly, a ranger is a person. a son or a daughter, a brother or a sister, a mother or a father – a member of society. my father was a ranger for 21 years at lewa, a part of the team that helped grow a small rhino population of just 15 animals to more than 150 today.

we would often visit and i wanted to be like him. when my father retired in 2011, i joined the following year. at first it was just a job but soon, i found myself developing a passion for my work. today, just 6 years later, i lead lewa’s dog unit and serve as third in command of the anti-poaching unit.

aside from protecting wildlife, serving my community is my proudest moment. several times we’ve gone to help recover stolen livestock or follow up on a case in my home area. it makes me proud to help people i’ve known all my life and i can tell they are proud of me too.

#livesoflewa #meetaranger #lewawildlifeconservancy #lewaborana #conservation 📸: @martinbuzora
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