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Günaydın 💛
etrafımızda o kadar güzel şeyler var ki... bazen gözümüz görüyor ama ruhumuz fark etmiyor mu..?
ne kadar güzel yaratılmış 🙏
ne şifalıdır kim bilir..
bu güzelliğin bir yaratılış sebebi vardır..
tıpkı bizler gibi..
onu keşfettmek bulmak ve uygulamak dileğiyle..
ben bu sebebin ne olduğunu bulduğumu sanıyorum🙏 tüm kalbimle de inanıyorum bulduğuma 🙏❤️
#photography #amatorfotografci #huaweimate20lite #anıyakala #gönülgözü #foto #fotoğraf #photographer #doğa #tabiat #benimkadrajimdan #kıbrıs
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Ricky glaser (@rickyglaser ) regularly skates the many (skate) parks of his native melbourne, but he loves to skate out in the streets, too. “finding obstacles not designed for skating on can be a fun challenge and spark new creative ideas,” says the 28-year-old professional skateboarder, who has been skating since the age of 8. “when you’ve skated for as long as i have and have done so many different tricks, it can be fun to completely change your approach with an external prop like a skipping rope,” he says. 🛹#thisweekoninstagram ⁣ ⁣

video of @rickyglaser by @andrewszczurko
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#hellofrom the republic of karelia, russia, where the ruskeala express, a world famous retro steam train, escapes every day from the city of sortavala to ruskeala mountain park. 🚂🏔✨ ⁣ ⁣

photo by @yaroslav_shuraev
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The ⭐️s are aligned in chicago, as the windy city hosts the 2020 @nba all-star weekend. this year, we’re on the ground with @trailblazers point guard @damianlillard. while a recent injury is preventing the five-time all-star from participating in the 3-point contest and the all-star game, dame took center stage on saturday night, rocking the mic under his hip-hop persona dame d.o.l.l.a. 🎤.

check out today’s story to experience all-star weekend. 🏀
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On this #valentinesday edition of #weeklyfluff, it’s all about the snuggles. ❤️❤️❤️⁣

just ask tabby cat yosma (@mrsmiyav ) and her feathered friends who love to take a nap together.⁣

video by @mrsmiyav
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For @mekdeskissi and @joshuakissi, it was love at first like. ❤️⁣

the married couple met on instagram in 2014 after joshua’s photography account magically popped up on mekdes’ explore page. ✨⁣

“when we first met each other on instagram, our exchanges were in good fun,” mekdes says. “it wasn’t until we became friends first that we explored anything more than that.”⁣

last year, the couple tied the knot and celebrated with three ceremonies to honor each other’s ethiopian and ghanaian cultures.⁣

video by @mekdeskissi
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Today on our story, lexi (@lexisbrumback ) and gabi (@gabibutler1617 ) from @netflix’s “cheer” experience their first new york fashion week. ✨ 👠💖 👠⁣⁣

they attended @brandonmaxwell and @toryburch — and got to see and taste some of ny’s finest. 🍕
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We’re on set with artist j balvin (@jbalvin ) as he shoots the video for the song “rojo” off his upcoming album “colores.” 🔥🔥🔥⁣ ⁣

“it’s a really intense video with a lot of feeling, and i know you’re going to love it,” says josé. ❤️⁣

it’s out on february 27, so go behind the scenes now on our igtv.
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Go behind the scenes of the video for “rojo” — a song from artist j balvin (@jbalvin ) off his upcoming album “colores.”⁣

“you’re gonna feel the red everywhere,” says josé. “it’s a really intense video with a lot of feeling, and i know you’re going to love it.”
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“i can still remember the mix of excitement, hope, anxiety and fear that accompanied me everywhere i went during my first year of college,” says former first lady michelle obama (@michelleobama ). 💫💫💫 ⁣

“if i could tell the girl in this photo one thing, it would be slow down and take a breath — you’ve got this. and that’s exactly what i want to say to all of you out there who are just starting college. you’ve got this, and i cannot wait to see where your journey takes you and everything you learn and achieve along the way.” 🙌🙌🙌 ⁣

join mrs. obama and four first-year college students in “a year of firsts,” a new igtv series from @attndotcom and @reachhigher all about the first year of college. check out the first episode, live now on @attndotcom . 💫 ⁣

photo by kenny bruce
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Colette stubbings’ (@hallofstars ) “petal armor” started as a way to cope with anxiety. “i began wrapping my fingers in petals i collected from my dad’s garden. the process calmed me and made me curious about what other functional forms and designs these natural materials could mimic,” she says. 🌸🌱🌺 ⁣

“i only use the plant parts themselves and then a spool of thread, binding layers to my hand by wrapping them as tightly as i can.”⁣

photo by @hallofstars
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Meet drag artist and performer shea couleé (@sheacoulee ), an advocate for lgbtq rights and body positivity. “i am a black, g*y drag queen who makes my living doing what i love,” says shea. “in my life, the biggest hurdle i've had to overcome has been to just love myself. you can’t be good to anybody if you’re not good to yourself first.”⁣

“it’s important for me to #shareblackstories because i don’t feel that positive black stories get shared enough! i feel like in 2020, celebrating my blackness is just being unapologetic in my blackness.”⁣

this black history month, we’ve partnered with @bet to #shareblackstories and support #advocates doing amazing work on instagram and beyond. new episodes drop every tuesday in february. 🖤⁣

photo of @sheacoulee by @adamouahmane
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