adidas Football (Soccer) 👻: adidasfootball https://youtu.be/L5tzSRuZEq0
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adidas Football (Soccer)
January 2017
Your streets. your style. the #x16 tango. #neverfollow
😍😍🔥🔥 need
I think i have one shoe on my post, you can check
Want ! 💕
Lol😑i like this but i can't take this live in iran and so i can't
Very cool💯💯
Amazing ❤❤❤❤❤
Do you guys still sell these? i can't find them anywhere @adidasfootball
Same i been looking for those shoes in the picture but i can't find them anywhere i really want to get them but what's going on @adidasfootball
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@adidasfootball hey wheee can i can those shoes when ever i search up x16 only the cleats come up
Mahar brp emgnya gan??
They are on the u.k. website
Lejpe fuuuuulllll☺😊🍟🍕🍫
Love nike spercialy this type
On les achete ou ?