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President-elect #donaldtrump on his relationship with russian president vladimir putin.
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If this is trumps quote why is he talking in first person lol
Keep the peace
@trynump20166 geez he's not even in yet and he's blowing it???
ShalomπŸ’– usa☝
@jaraaz speaking of 6th grade, was that the end of your education? sounds like it.
How does the saying go... keep your friends close and your enimies closer. about time we make friends and become a respected strong country again.
Exactly well said got a smart person putting up great post
Russia and the united states need to be on good diplomatic terms in order to keep each other in check
Damn straight it's an asset
Liberals are fools! trump will be the best president!
Because he has no respect at for obama
He's absolutely right. with the state that this country is in right now, a power like russia will crush us!!
πŸ’―@foxnews @realdonaldtrump - they are against the deceptive bankers !! that ruined this world .. go trump!!
I've heard or read someplace else about buzzfeeds unreliability.
Love trump! he's going to be #1 in history!!!
Damn straight!