Neil Patrick Harris Welcome to the world as seen through my eye holes. I'm producing a new show in NYC called In & Of Itself: http://www.inandofitselfshow.com/
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There’s less than one week left! are you ready to win a trip to new york for a broadway show and amazing food from one of my favorite restaurants? then enter at the link in my bio or go to omaze.com/nph for your chance to win. david and i are so excited. remember, for every dollar raised, @cocacola will match your donation up to $2 million!
🎶🎵 look away, look away🎶🎵 ❤👏❤👍
I wish i can afford to enter 😢 i live in nyc and i'm an big fan of yours .
Loved you as count olaf
Ok count olaf
Shitty count olaf
Count olaf trying to be nph😏
Do you know if there is going to be a second season, neil? ❤
You were so good as count olaf! just felt like saying that😂😅💓
Omg you are the best count olaf!!!
Look away look away
Absolutely loving a series of unfortunate events it's one of my favourite shows ever !!! the best count olaf (sorry jim carrey ) !!!! the show is amazing and i love the twist that was put on the original story ❤️️❤️️❤️️ cant wait for season 2!!!!!!!!!!
And if your a real og himym fan you would of screamed and jumped up and down when u saw cobie smulders in asoue !!!! cast reunion now we just need the other 3 plz and thank you
Neil! you play an amazing roll as count olaf. every roll you play is very well. my favorite though was definitely barney in how i met your mother. keep up the good work sir!!!
Best count olaf ever!
Look away look away look away look away🎵
You deserve an oscar for olaf!!!!! this was so good
I loved your new show
Leave klaus and violet alone or else u boutta catch these hands