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I'm more than sad you didn't want to continue with adventure time 😭
Miss you so much
I hate you, olaf!! 😞😭
Please check out my draw of count olaf
Felicidades por una serie de eventos desafortunados, me gustan los detalles que imprimes en cada capítulo y la canción, vete ya vete ya. #aseriesofunfortunateevents
I am thoroughly enjoying your performance as count olaf as well as the rest of the talented actors, and imagine when my and my kids surprise when we saw "robin?" we all finished a how i met your mother netflix binge and my kids think you are a riot! thanks for continuing to make us laugh...
You are the best 👏
⭐ ⭐ ⭐
I've been binge watching a series of unfortunate events and i just wanted to say, you are extremely talented, as well as a wonderful human being. keep making the world a beautiful place. sending love to you and your family. xo
Just got some of your cards. how to i begin to look for the puzzle @nph
I think you're fantastic. i am fighting for my outpatient singing group at rancho los amigos national rehabilitation center in downey ca. maybe you could advise us on a new type of show for us to perform. i'm also cinnamon latte on facebook if you and your husband have time to look at why we need your expertise. ty annette aka cinnamon latte.
I can not believe that you are barney from how i met your mother and count olaf from a series of unfortunate events 💥😱💥
I love how i met your mother i was a great show but i wish that barney and robin would have stayed together 😢....and you play count olaf amazing