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Neil Patrick Harris
2 weeks ago
There’s less than one week left! are you ready to win a trip to new york for a broadway show and amazing food from one of my favorite restaurants? then enter at the link in my bio or go to omaze.com/nph for your chance to win. david and i are so excited. remember, for every dollar raised, @cocacola will match your donation up to $2 million!
Ness, ikutan yukkkk @venessafenanda 😍😍😍
@lipixu yuk tp bayarin hahah
@nph my kids are loving the new netflix show! (and so am i!)
@nph great performance neil you're great ❤️❤️
Heard your interview on stern and am now streaming the new show on netflix. loving every word! awesome cast, great script. fantastic job!!
@nph we should buy a bar🙁
I luuuuv himym. was playing the character, barney stinson fun? what is ur fav ep. and what side or barney did u prefer?.. (married or single)??
You are so good in a series of unfortunate events i'm binging rn
Your role as 'count olaf' was nothing short of brilliant ! 👏🏾👏🏾bravo! ❤
Omg count olaf is amazing!
Love your acting and singing as count olaf in a series of unfortunate events!♥♡♥.
Nph check out the wedding invite.
Rice pilaf bahahhahauauauhaa
You're so amazing in a series of unfortunate events 👌🏼👌🏼😍
Ooh yessss
You are absolutely amazing in asoue
A series of unfortunate events is amazing! you are so good in it. i love the attention to detail and how it stays true to the books!! @nph
Great job as count olaf!! my favorite disguise from "captain sham". :d
Im so happy for you !!!! your true talent is being showcased like no other this character may get you some awards
Hi count olaf