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​​11 sep: angry trump blasts "fake news; phoney stuff". the us president-elect tells reporters "sick people" are behind a dossier of allegations published in full on buzzfeed and reported by cnn. bbc.in/trumpdossier #trump #dossier #trumprussia #trumpputin #bbcshorts #bbcnews @bbcnews
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Shouldn't his vocabulary be a little bit more advanced than this? "good stuff!!! bad stuff!!"
It's other people that resembled his body and/or video editing and autotune from a production studio #donaldtrumpfakenews
In my profession the more you deflect the more likely you are guilty. he is such a thin skinned orange meat baby.
@sg_mendoza @r.gonzlz silvy and sovereign as the president and vice president lmfao!!!!!
Make america happy again and turning to christian way. god bless you pres.trump
January 11th you mean @bbcnews
This vile man 👎
He reminds me of the rich yet bratty and self-centered kid in high school. everyone secretly hated him
What a joke
What a despicable human being! 🤢
@acegerine so greed and philandering and pathological lies are what jesus preached?
Kiva loans that changes lives doesn't require an upfront during application. #trump🇺🇸
No disrespect to president elect #donaldtrump but i think #america could be in for a bumpy ride over the next 4 years.
What a guy 👍👍
Beyond embarrassing
@gerarddeveau that's putting it mildly
Half a turn from a sieg heil!
@skydoug56 you should trademark that
And so it begins...😱
I wonder what the intelligence has on trump?