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A cartoon by danny shanahan, from this week’s issue. follow @newyorkercartoons for more #tnycartoons.
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It's florida
@hillzcombnyc where is this mysterious 6th borough? i want in
@edametalia sa e madhe 😂
Nassau county - 6th borough
It could be anywhere. affordable housing has become impossible thanks to speculators who want money they don't need and prefer having their house empty until they find people with high income to milk. people who offer c**p housing at luxe prices and had problems fixing basic problems as per the rental laws. that's the situation of renting in the city i live and is not the usa. disgraceful. disgusting. upsetting and scary. buying a house or an apt is not easy either, second rate housing is sold at ridiculous prices and you need two people with high salaries to be able to buy anything. the speculators make sure that this doesn't change because basically benefits them. immoral evil people.
@ortiziemo how relevant right now :)
@adprdn jemi ne rradhe, ishalla hapet sa me shpejt 😂😂