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Always share. she melts my heart with her shiny black eyes in that lovely big wesrie head
Always share 💜
Don't share she is on a raw diet , but have lots of cuddles
Always share 🐶🐾
Share every time 💙🐶
My boy always gets the last bite 💙🐶🐾
Always the dog haha xx
Always my piggy will get the last bite 🙌
Hahaha soooooo true they end up licking my plate
This is amazing!
The eyes will get you every time!! xx
Share it with the dog. always.
But what if it's chocolate😏🐶
My fur babies get last two bites every time 😍🐾
Lol @cupradave ❤️❤️ xxxxz
Lol! you already save a bit before you start! your bit, his bit! 😊💙❤️🐶😂xxxxx @twinklybelle
The dog wins every time
This never happens... it's theirs... it's part of the (unsigned and unspoken, but wholly irrevocable) contract! and as i have two, it's always the last two mouthfuls! #ievenorderdogfriendlywheniamout!!!