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National Geographic Creative
last month
natgeocreative New to the collection! a giant #panda sits in her enclosure at the wolong giant panda research center. photo by @amivitale. #wildlifewednesday #animals #conservation
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National Geographic Travel
last month
natgeotravel 📸 @johnkernickphotography the south downs near winchester. the south downs national park spans an area from winchester to eastbourne, it's the uk's newest national park with the south downs way making it possible to walk, ride or cycle the entire length. it's the only long distance path in the uk to reside entirely within a national park. #southdownsnationalpark #ukcountryside #sdw #hampshire #johnkernickphotography
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last month
time Canada’s prime minister justin trudeau speaks with former u.s. president barack obama at a restaurant during obama’s visit to address the montreal chamber of commerce, in quebec, canada on june 6, 2017. handout photograph from canada's prime minister’s office via @reuters #obama #trudeau
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Alternative Press
last month
altpress How the times have changed 😂 which former legend would you have been friends with in high school??
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Lana Parrilla
last month
lparrilla Come on in…..the water’s fine 😉💦 happy wednesday! #summerisforswimming
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Kris Jenner
last month
krisjenner Oh hi kylie!! #lacienegaandsantamonica #repost @kyliejenner all new camo collection drops on @thekylieshop tomorrow 😳 check out to see the countdown.
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Canal Universal
last month
canaluniversal Fique ligado! 📢 💥 👀  as inscrições para o cinelab aprendiz se encerram dia 21 desse mês! se você curte efeitos especiais ou conhece alguém que queira aprimorar seus conhecimentos, corre! /o//o/  clique no link da bio saiba como participar da nova temporada do reality!
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MTV News
last month
mtvnews Feminist t-shirts are having a moment with celebrities. everyone from rihanna to a$ap rocky has been seen wearing dior t-shirts that say "we should all be feminists," a quote from author chimamanda ngozi adichie's essay and tedx talk of the same name. _ but yesterday, harry styles one-upped everyone's beloved $710 tee with a slightly more provocative statement. he ran into some fans wearing a t-shirt that says, "women are smarter." _ the shirt comes from brand itsasickness and part of its proceeeds benefit planned parenthood. _ this seems like a fitting look for harry, considering he told rolling stone in april, "they're our future. our future doctors, lawyers, mothers, presidents, they kind of keep the world going. teenage-girl fans — they don't lie. if they like you, they're there. they don't act 'too cool.' they like you, and they tell you. which is sick." _ may god bless the ambitious fan whose courage provided us with this blurry selfie. amen. _ by gabby noone @mtvstyle
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Yahoo TV
last month
yahootv The wonderful @mandymooremm dropped by @yahootv studios for an #emmytalk about @nbcthisisus. video coming soon! ❤️
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The Many Cats Of Instagram
last month
catsofinstagram "do i look furrrtastic while i'm playing? happy #whiskerwednesday" - @birmankai
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Cats of Instagram
last month
From @atchoumfan: "when you wake up after the party with no idea where you are 😹" #twitterweek #catsofinstagram
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last month
elegant_cats 😽most elegant cat of the day😽 ----------------------------------- ❤photo by: @missypampam💟 ----------------------------------- 🙋selected by: @omnom_cats & @meow_beauties -------------------------------- thanks a lot for tagging #elegant_cats 💗 just a fantastic & elegant shot! ------------------------------------- for a feature 😺: • follow @elegant_cats • tag #elegant_cats ------------------------------------- admin: @laura.photograph_ check out our beautiful mod's 👑❤: [email protected]@omnom_cats 😻 😻 ----------------🌟🌟🌟our partner account: @meow_beauties 😍🌟🌟🌟 ----------------------------------- #cats #igcutest_animals #cat #meow #meowbox #featureaccount #meowsandwoofs #meow_beauties #my_loving_pet #cute #kitten #kittens #aww #furrendsupclose #nature_cuties #amazing_picturez_animals #cats_of_instagram #cat_features #petstagrams
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Dogs | Puppies
last month
dogs_of_world_ Wow! protect your dog's eyes from the sun! 😍😍😍 next 30 dog lovers grab this luxury dog summer uv glasses for 60% off from @thebestpalofficial ! free worldwide shipping. available promo for 24 hours - limited edition! click the link in the @thebestpalofficial bio! or visit --- follow ▶️ @thebestpalofficial
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The Dogist
last month
thedogist Lucca, american bully (1 y/o), duane street, new york, ny • "he likes to roll on his back so people know he's gentle." @luccablueamericanbully
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Best Dogs Of IG
last month
~ 📷: @antoniothegolden selected by: @monicasisson congrats @antoniothegolden — you’re a #bestwoof! thank you for sharing your woof with us. ~ follow @bestwoof and tag #bestwoof for your chance to be featured. also check out our kitty account 🐈 @bestmeow 🐈 -------- #bestwoof_antoniothegolden
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Arsenal Official
last month
arsenal @rholding95 gearing up for the european under-21 championships with #england
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Juventus Football Club
last month
juventus From the stadium to the street: always a matter of black and white. ⚫⚪ our new 2017/18 home kit by @adidasfootball #heretocreate #forzajuve
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The Away Fans
last month
theawayfans Please spread the word. like, share & tag mates to do the same 👍🏻 #onebradleylowery
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Oceanic Preservation Society
last month
oceanicpreservationsociety 🐳🌈💙🌊✌️ "you must not lose faith in humanity. humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty." - gandhi #saveourocean #racingextinction #whales
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last month
oceana Whale, whale, whale it appears that it's lunch time. lunge feeding, as seen here, is a common feeding behavior for humpback whales. to capture krill and other various small kinds of fish, the whales will lunge through a shoal of prey with their mouths gaping open. when working as a group, humpback whales will also make an array of different calls to communication - from short grunts to long hollow calls. 📷: shutterstock / chase dekker
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last month As a marine biologist-turned-conservation photographer, thomas peschak spends his days photographing our wondrous underwater world. his images explore the ways in which humans are negatively impacting marine-life, but his goal isn’t to shock us into action; instead, he strives to “sell love,” highlighting the beauty of the ocean and all that lives within it. “we all have the ability to be creators of hope,” he says, “and through my photography, i want to pass on the message that it is not too late for our oceans.” follow @thomaspeschak and watch his #tedtalk at #worldenvironmentday #rg @ted #ourchoicesmatter
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Boosted Cars™️️️️
last month
boosted_cars Fathers day alert! fathers day alert! fathers day alert! fathers day alert! let dad now how much he is loved this father's day with art from our friends at or visit the largest metal art page on the planet: @metal_art_of_wisconsin @metal_art_of_wisconsin @metal_art_of_wisconsin
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last month
mercedesbenz Let it spread its wings and take it for a spin. . #mercedesbenz #mercedes #mbcars #sls #blackseries #24hamg #greenhell #thering #🚗💨 #🚀 #😍
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Unique Audi Photography
last month
auditography We are staying with black, and jump to the beastly rs6 performance. car: 2017 @audi rs6 avant performance (605hp, v8 4.0 twinturbo) color: mythos black metallic / black optics performance: 0-100kmh 3.46sec (tested), 3.7 sec (official) location: warsaw, poland facebook: youtube: camera: canon eos 5d mark ii / 24-70 mm thanks to: audi poland (@audipl) remember, all my photos are available on my popular facebook page, where you can download them in their high quality. #auditography #audi #rs6 #quattro #audis6 #poland #warsaw #german #euro #s6 #audia6 #caroftheday #photooftheday #cars #carporn #instagood #instamood #canon #polska #carlifestyle #r8 #fourrings #love #amazing #beautiful #cool #teamaudi #audirs6 #webstagram #black
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Food world
last month
food.wd ‏@#food by : • • ‏@noura_alhamoud • • تم افتتاح ☕️كفى فنجان☕️،،، جده شارع التحليه مقابل النادي الاهلى بجده تلفون0553732000 ☕️🍷🌭🍮🍰 • • التقييم من 🔟 🍴 لايـك و كومنت لدعمنا للأستمرار يومياً 📷 تابعني إذا لم تكن من متابعيني 👤 . الراعي الرسمي للحساب بيت الجوف للزهور والهدايا . @aljouf_flowers @aljouf_flowers ٠ #الرياض#جده#المدينه#بريده#مصر#الاردن#الكويت#حائل#دبى#قطر#تصويري#العراق#تصميمي#تبوك#المغرب#القريات#القصيم#تونس#الجوف#سكاكا#فلسطين#ليبيا#ابها#مكه#البحرين#egypt
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last month
My bra from @intimatevibe is amazing! 😍@intimatevibe - adjustable cleavage! 👱🏽‍♀️strapless, backless & comfortable👙😍🔥 they're 50% off today too! link in @intimatevibe bio to order 💕💕
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Eat Food BKK Bangkok, Thailand
last month
[starvingtime's cooking] ต้องดังต้องปังกับเมนูนี้ #ไก่ทอดแบรนด์ดัง!!!🍗 ของทอดใครๆก็บอกว่าอร่อย😋 หมักไก่สารพัดส่วนให้ครบรส จับปะแป้งชุบแป้ง แล้วทอดในน้ำเดือด🍗🍖😍 ทอดให้กรอบ ทอดให้ฉ่ำ! แล้วมาสัมผัสความกรอบนอกนุ่มในกับไก่ทอดแบรนด์เรากันจ้า!🐔🍗👌 🍴ส่วนผสม🍳 อกไก่ติดหนัง 200 กรัม น่องไก่ 200 กรัม สะโพกไก่ 200 กรัม แป้งทอดกรอบ 600 กรัม น้ำมันสำหรับทอด เกลือ ½ ช้อนโต๊ะ ผงปรุงรส 2 ช้อนโต๊ะ ผงกระเทียม ½ ช้อนโต๊ะ ผงปาปริก้า 1 ช้อนโต๊ะ น้ำเย็น 2 ถ้วยตวง พริกไทยบด 1 ช้อนโต๊ะ 🍴วิธีทำ🍳 1.หมักไก่ ใส่เกลือ พริกไทย และผงปรุุงรส คลุกเคล้าให้เข้ากัน ทาให้ทั่วเนื้อไก่ หมักทิ้งไว้ประมาณ 1 ชั่วโมง 2.ตั้งน้ำมันสำหรับทอด 3.แบ่งแป้งทอดกรอบเป็น2ส่วน ส่วนที่1ใส่แป้ง 300กรัมผสมกับน้ำเย็น 2ถ้วยตวง และส่วนที่2 ใส่แป้ง 300กรัมผสมกับผงกระเทียม ½ช้อนโต๊ะและผงปาปริก้า 1 ช้อนโต๊ะ 4.คลุกไก่แป้งส่วนที่1 และตามด้วยแป้งส่วนที่ 2 ต้องคลุกให้แป้งหนาๆ แล้วนำลงทอดน้ำมันเดือด 5.สุกแล้วนำขึ้นสะเด็ดน้ำมัน #starvingtime #เรื่องกินเรื่องใหญ่ #cooking
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