Los Angeles Football Club The Heart of Los Angeles Street by Street, Block by Block, One by One 👉 @ourlafc @lafcacademy #lafc https://youtu.be/sCVgSA2YpIM
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#vela press conference.
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Grande vela 🇲🇽
Vela looks nervous. good for him though! congrats! i'm a galaxy fan though :)
@uzziel._.x3 sh*** league, c'mon man. have you seen any games lately? yeah we're not the premier league, but were doing pretty good
Hi @lafc will you guys be training at cal state la?
Got a new fan here. ⚽️ vela
Mi nuva
Mi nueva pasiin
Mi nueva pasion
Welcome vela @carlosv11_ 👏😭
Vela te amo
So technically he's the only player on the roster ;)
Hope he helps lafc to a great first historic season! 👏 la baby!!
When with jerseys be available?