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We present to you, the suso beard oil also known as the "replenisher". with natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, hempseed oil, sweet orange oil & tea tree oil(please research each oil), the replenisher moisturizes the skin under the hair. it also stimulates hair growth & makes your beard softer & more manageable. other benefits of using the replenisher it eliminates itchy skin, treats split ends & frizziness. each 1 oz. bottle is accompanied with a dropper to avoid spillage. _________________________________ the suso beard comb is handmade from boxwood. the high density of boxwood has toughness along with elasticity, and possesses the ability to prevent damage to your hair caused by static electricity , which is a major contributor to split ends & hair loss. _________________________________ for a healthy beard, these two items are very necessary. essentials are "the fundamental elements or characteristics of something; a thing that's absolutely necessary." always be mindful to never overlook the things that are.....essential. for purchases or inquiries please forward them to susoessentials@gmail.com we are looking forward to assisting you! #susoessentials #beardedmen #beardoil #replenisher #naturalingredients #jojobaoil #naturaloils #organicproducts #healthyskin #plantbasedproducts
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