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When the pre hits 😂#lidgains i've been getting a few questions regarding diet and at this point it's looking pretty similar to last update, just slowly backing off overall intake and trying to keep as much size as i can. just under 7 weeks now until the big day comes. lets see how far i can progress and how much leaner i can get until then. 🗡
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Ripped man! carved from stone
Thanks brother @tyler.phillips______ appreciate it
Absolute machine
Proud of you 🙌🏻
Shredded 🙌🔥💪🏼😮
Absolutely looking aesthetic and shredded. our stringer looks awesome on you, brah! 😋🔥🙏🏻🤙🏻 #legacy
The big dog!! sheesh!! 💪💪
Thanks brother @finncollins44 appreciate it
Thanks mate @spartansuppz slowly but surely
Thanks bro @maxiiau hope your trainings going well
@natfindlay_ getting there man! nowhere near you ahah
Great photos, looking so amazing. results speak for themselves .
Looking good bro! keep up the hard work!! can't wait for comp day! good luck bro! ❤️ @natfindlay_
Thanks brother! @cammgeorge1 really appreciate the support! 🙏