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Happy birthday to the king of pop, michael jackson!! we will love you forever ♥️
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The vocal king and queen
That skirt oh my god
Both legends
@mariahcarey you were amazing in this picture. so simple, but so beautiful. 👏👏👏
My favorite picture @mariahcarey
All i wanted was a show from you everything stops me @mareycarey i love y ❤️
@mariahcarey you only put that picture up because you think you look cute!! i can't even see michael's face!!it's all blurry and s**t
@mariahcarey who is handling your instagram that 13-year-old still
I live near gary indiana where he grew up...sometimes they'll do something special at the little white house he grew up in on jackson for his birthday but they didn't this year. his mom will usually come out...latoya...etc...it's pretty neat :) we just gather on the streets...play his music...a lot of impersonators of course...exciting how his music could bring so many people together of all different races :)
Love you mariah the queen and michael the king❤️❤️
Love u😘😘
My king!💖💖