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Can't wait for you to see this film y'all! ❤️❤️❤️ @homeagainmovie la premiere. ( #ladyinred look: 💃🏼@roland_mouret, 👠@louboutinworld, 💎 @jackvartanian,💄 @mollyrstern feat. @elizabetharden, 💇 @lonavigi, & styling @petraflannery )
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Looks like a really fun movie 🎥
Can't wait to see your new film. sweet home alabama is still my all time favorite movie. i watch it all the time.
Beautiful! have been my favorite actress for years now. can't wait to watch!
I'm so excited to see this movie!! it looks very similar to my current life. 😂 you look gorgeous, my fave actress by far! @reesewitherspoon
Thanks for sharing your life with us. wonderful actress.
I just saw a screening in atlanta, and it was wonderful!! go see this movie y'all! #homeagain
So so so gorgeous.. you are truly a role model! congrats:))
Gorgeous as always! love that dress. reds my favorite color. <3
Beautiful dress!
Great dress. it looks awesome!
Beautiful! how do you stay in such great shape? i'm a fellow mom asking. 😁
Love that dress!!!
Stunning ensemble!
I can't wait!!!
Saw a screening tonight...amazing...absolutely amazing...thank you! #homeagain!!
Went to your premiere in austin and loved it!!! @reesewitherspoon
Dress rules want
You look amazing and so happy! love it! 🤗
I ❤️ the dress!
Can't wait to see the new movie❣️your a great actress ❣️🇺🇸