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Mansour lost his right leg. adly lost his left leg. they explain how their unique friendship helps them through life. #disability #inspiring #livingindisability #disabilities #amputee #gaza
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Truly amazing, what a great friendship! ❤️
@ihrudaya bhai dekh re😇
May god give them strength.
Wow love you both
Fighting 👍
People finding beauty in pain: inspiring 💪
You are both two beautiful people in this world. thank you for sharing!
Magnetic legs 😍
Two very brave men.
Disability is not inability
@mandala_soul goals 😭😭😭❤❤❤
Euta mo envie ene toutou 🤐❤ buy one for me 😂😂❤❤ @prishneehurchurn
*i'm anti zionist
Touched by this reality 😭
Amazing guys! very inspiring. keep up what looks to be an amazing friendship bought together through personal tragedy and you have turned your lives around so positively out of a desperately sad situation that could so easily have lead you down a completely different pathway.
May allah help and support them
@rosi_byard inspirational ❤
You're amazing boys! love both of you :)