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Actress emma thompson says movie mogul harvey weinstein is representative of a system of "extreme masculinity" involving "many" more men in hollywood. in a bbc interview she describes him as a "predator", rather than a s*x addict. she says he's at the top of a system of "harassment, belittling and bullying and interference" that has been part of women's world "since time immemorial". a large number of women have come forward to claim they were sexually harassed by weinstein, with four accusing him of rape. weinstein has "unequivocally denied" any allegations of non-consensual sex. watch our interview with emma thompson here: bbc.in/emmathompson #emmathompson #hollywood #actress #actor #women #cinema #entertainment
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@brandon_bowen1 believe it or not, many people do, both privately and publicly. "it's just how it is, get used to it, you can't do anything about it". it's much more common than you think.
@xxcvi_ idk where you are from but it's not like that where i am, but if it really is like that where you are then that's real bad. and who did u quote that from someone famous?
Not just hollywood. let’s not forget our own dear president and who knows how many ceo’s or men in power have this same ego trip. 😡
Figure out what masculinity really is then let's talk. ignorant, inflammatory, hyper-agenda statements like this need to generate pity for those who agree with them, since they have an obvious lack of understanding.
@khannibal75 i lived half my life in california. that's not something men are privy to, usually. so, it's easy to ignore the issue, pretend it doesn't exist.
@brandon_bowen1 i didn't quote anyone in particular, just something i heard from friends, family, strangers, repeatedly, every time i try to speak out. so i don't.
Repent and turn to jesus
So true. it's gone on since the cave men.
@bbcnews emma thomson is part of the entertainment system that are glorifying the anti hero, the alfamale concept, abusive behavior and violence-for-fun-fun-fun. hollywood has groomed boys into their idols/dildos, and girls into f-dolls aka marilyn monroe, kim kardashian, miley cyrus, and the rest of the mental and b****y botox zombies as images for kids to fit into. the world as we know it is based on industrial abuse of humans, animals and nature itself, and this isn’t a theory, it’s a scientific observation 🤔✨
@jesuissuzette you going to save the woman over seas or expect others to do it for you? if not sit down
What do you want actually!
It always comes out in the wash.he thought he had the power to do what he wanted, shame on him.
It's misogyny and patriarchy.
<—�- not fake news! go follow
Brave women, thank you.
Silence is deafening
After all these years of convenient silence ...? now the great revelation ... power and money and authority dictate their law since the beginning of time ... ‼️
Extreme masculinity? how about calling it low self-esteem. criminal lack of impulse control. sociopathic behavior. has nothing to do with being a man, other than having more power than the victim.
Why did we start talking about it just right now? who wanted to put down hw? what started it? of course it is huge issue, but i have feeling, it started from something different. it is to hurt hw, not to bring the issue to the needed level. although, if was not an initial intention, i am very happy it triggered discussion and hopefully changes.
Yes! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻