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Could beads of resin solve what the world health organisation calls "the biggest mass poisoning in human history"? human rights watch says up to 20 million people are at risk from arsenic poisoning in bangladesh. drinkwell has developed a particular type of resin technology which removes arsenic and other harmful substances. the water is sold locally and the money raised is used to maintain the system. #water #bangladesh #inspiring #human #bbcinnovators
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Plz come and help them . shelter them as we r giving them.#proud #bangladesh
ري استارت
Thanks to all the innovators💕
Gb made that
Clean air and water should be free and available to all residents of earth as a birth right. we have to have clean air and water in order to be able to fight and work for other privileges.
Wow! solutions like these. ❤️
Hey @bbcnews why didn’t you report about somalia?
Great video
Those people are used to that water their body has been created on it using clean water would make then sick
Good work for water
With the kind of wastage in this world by so called leaders that water should be free, i hope the price is as little as nothing?
“the water is then sold...”
Meu jesus amado ninguem merece essa contaminacao .
Don’t sell it...give them
@otamactavish but they need money to maintain the systems too. plus, you can't rely entirely on donations and hope it'll last.
@seadragonus true, a lot simpler said than done...but do it right the first time around, you aren’t solving a problem if eventually you have to sell a solution
Many countries spend billions on buying millitary arms and f16 jet while their citizens are dying from poisoned water 💔💔😕