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I can’t stop buying used books. it started when i was really young. my mom used to take me yardsaling and i couldn’t believe that people were just...discarding novels...simply because they didn’t want them anymore. i was outraged, and silently vowed to myself that i would give every lonely book a warm and loving home. but now, with mounting student debt and more books than i will ever read in a life time, i am forced to face the fact that maybe i do have a problem, and that maybe i need to start talking about it. speak your truth, children. #justkidding #will #never #stop #bookstagram
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Oooh hadn’t heard of this one from jodi picoult!
Psh, used books are saving money, duh (;
Oh i have the same problem and the same book by jodi picoult but your cover is so much more prettier. my new year resolution is to buy no books this year and so far i'm doing pretty good. just have the rest of the year to get through 😁
@eternal.oxymoron lol good luck! 🤣☺️
I read this one and really liked it one of my favorites from jodi