@JavaireFitzBogle TURN ON YOUR DETOXified POST NOTIFICATIONS💡 TheDeTox Movement is a ministry movement exercising the word of God through videos and Creative content https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBmjVavmwN8
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_____________________________________________________________ (bless a friend 👆🏿click “share” and spread this word) _____________________________________________________________ 🗞good reads: thesynopsis: "for #years we have carried the #complexities of our #imperfection and have now found ourselves to be created perfectly in the #father's #image-yet his infallible #word #teaches that we all #fall #short of his #glory. life, has become our chance to chase perfection. we are in a constant daily chase of a corporeal redemption. we #chase after him through our repetitive repentance, but only by his #grace can we experience #true acceptance. this why we #detox. this is #thedetoxmovement ~ @javairefitzbogle @thedetoxbrand _____________________________________________________________ 👥tag a friend👍🏿 || click the share button 👇🏿 _____________________________________________________________ 🎬turn on your detoxified post notifications _____________________________________________________________ #javairefitzbogle #thedetox #deyoxifiedbygrace #detoxifythyself #thedetoxmovement _____________________
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Beautiful words
Great photo
😢 hard sometimes! thank you for this beauty!
Wow.... i am truly blessed by this. i came to check your page out because you like my last post and the word detox caught my attention because i thought it had to do with green smoothies of some sort... but this is way better, much more uplifting and inspiring. thank you for this and may you continue to use this platform to encourage motivate and inspire and remind others of gods word, gods love gods promises. god bless you.
@embracingchangenoxcusesallowed c'mon!! we bout to be serving green smoothies in the spirit!!!
@thedetoxmovement praise the lord, it's wonderful to be a blessing to others! good bless you family
@thedetoxmovement lol.... green smoothies in the spirit... i like that 👌🏾