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Happy birthday @michelleobama! meeting you a year ago at the white house was truly one of the greatest experiences for me.  i’m so sad to be missing this year’s school counselor of the year ceremony in a few weeks but i will be there in spirit. @bettermakeroom. #scoy18
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You’re the most beautiful person ever thank you i love you
Cute i love you i miss ouat
So sweet ❤️
Awww to cute & happy birthday @michelleobama!!!!!!🍰🎉💖🎁👑🎊🎂
Your smile😍😍😍
Love you lana
The best women lana 🔝 #idol 👑😘
Two queens in one pic. love it!
Two strong, perfect women
I drew lana! please, have a look! hope you'll like it!
Joyeux anniversaire
@cornikapria nothing but respect for my presidents
People stop hating on lana, she can do whatever she wants, she's not copying someone else. she's just doing what she wants & loves. stop the d**n hate and make sure that someday you can do anything that you want, just like lana is doing right now. if she's happy, what gives you the right to hate on her?
Two amazing and stunning women in one picture!! 😍😍😍