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Consistently "good enough" is better than perfection that you quit. #repost @precisionnutrition (@get_repost ) ・・・ #wednesdaywisdom - we’ve seen it in so many precision nutrition coaching clients: - they want to follow the “perfect” diet. - so they adhere to strict meal plans (to the last measured teaspoon) monday to friday. and, the whole week, they worry incessantly about screwing things up. - by the weekend, though, the willpower gives out. they’re so sick of restrictive eating and can’t wait to eat food they actually enjoy. bring on the weekend binge! - for most of them, there are only two options: perfect or crap. - so the logic follows: - “it’s saturday, i’m out to lunch with my family, and i can’t have my perfect pre-portioned kale salad like i usually do, so instead i’ll just overeat a giant bacon cheeseburger and a huge heap of fries.” - if you take “perfect” off the table, things change. you feel empowered because there are now other options. instead of kale salad vs. five servings of fries, there’s: - “i’m actually in the mood for a salad with my burger because i had fries at that work lunch on thursday.” - 🔑🔑🔑 therefore, our solution: always aim for “good enough”. - throughout the work week and the weekend, start to consider your health and fitness goals, what you're in the mood for, what's available, etc. come up with a definition of “good enough”, and aim for that.
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