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#repost @dolphin_project (@get_repost ) ・・・ taiji: we are thankful for a blue cove after yesterday’s slaughters, but we worry about the welfare of the 6 bottlenose dolphins who were transferred into crates last night and shipped off to unknown locations, presumably marine parks or aquariums. dolphins do not belong in tanks. 1-19-18 4:06pm #dolphinproject pledge not to buy a ticket to a dolphin show: dolphin.fyi/dolphinpledge
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😠😭 it's so hard to comprehend that this is still happening. all these years of fighting, campaigning, rallying, signing petitions, sending letters, & spreading awareness & it's still happening!!!! such a horrific thing for these beautiful, intelligent creatures to go through. 😢
@pip_photography44 i know it's hard and some days it's as though nothing is changing. but things are changing and together we are changing the public's view on these places. new laws are being submitted and passed, places are ending their dolphin captivity and more and more people are joining the cause. there are some places in the world that haven't caught on yet - but they will!
I try to keep the faith and hope strong, very hard too all the time thiugh. bring on ett 2018 :-)
I can’t breathe....
😪😥😥😥😪😥💔💔💔 i know things are changing. not fast enough for these intelligent sentient beings. it rips my heart open seeing photos like this 💔
This is heartbreaking!!! will this ever end?
This is so sad 😭 must be stopped 😡
Horrible horrible horrible. hate this