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That beautiful fluorescent lighting tho 🤦🏼‍♀️ # my appetite has been wonky all week and my desire to cook has been nonexistent. i’ve found when this happens, it’s best to cook things that are simple and extra delicious🔥for me, that’s almost always tostones and guac💃🏼 my husband baked some chicken b*****s breaded with a little cassava flour 🙌🙌 and that was dinner. # it’s been a weird week for me, mentally. nothing specific, just feeling off. ya know? for the rest of the week, i’m going to prioritize movement, being outdoors and giving myself extra grace. 💛 # what are some of your favorite ways to boost your mood? # # # #autoimmunepaleo #autoimmuneprotocol #paleo #realfood #goodmoodfood #tostones #realfood #hormonebalance #healinghashimotos #aipmeal #aipmealinspo #aiprecipe #paleorecipe #paleorecipeinspo #feedyourbody #nourishyourbody #nutrientdensity #nutrientdense
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All of this looks so good!!! 😋
Getting outside in the sun 🌞 holding my sweet b**e 👶 getting a workout in 💪 or making a smoothie! 🌱
@thatafropaleogirl thanks!! it was tasty! 😁
@wholefoodhealthandfitness those are all great mood boosters! the sun helps so much! 🙌🙌
Being outdoors always helps me..even if it’s a brisk walk in the cold! i have those wonky weeks too-sending lots of love! also your meal looks beautiful!🤤😍
During the summer, i'd say getting outside... but living in mn makes it hard to get out sometimes. when the weather isn't great, i opt for the gym or for a hot bath!
@hapahealth thanks michelle! 💛
@everybodynutrition yeah, when it’s so cold out it’s not as easy to get outside 🙁 hot baths are also one of my go tos!
Those tostones look delish!