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Win! x-press it back to school competition - tell us below in 25 words or less why you need help getting organised for back to school. you could win a prize pack valued at over $250. enter here, or on our facebook page! for t&c's visit the link in our bio! #xpressit #xpressitau #backtoschool #xpressitblendingcard #xpressitvisualdiary #xpressitdoublesidedtape #xpressit2in1glue ##xpressitstorage #markercarrycase #markerstorage #storage #glue #create
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What does organised mean?
Because getting organized is the only thing i need help most in life.
This year at school i'm focusing on creative arts and i believe having some extra amazing supplies will help me create at a higher level.
Organisation is the key, makes it easier to work on projects knowing what you have and where it is. love the x-press it range.
Because im the most unorganized person i know :') having places to store my belongings would help me dearly
My daughter requested her own craft corner for xmas! she would love this for school 💓💗💓💗
I’m a very unorganized artist, and hopefully this year i can change that and be more cleaner with my workspace with these supplies in hand!
I need help because i haven’t organised anything yet!
This bundle would be a lifesaver since my school accommodated supplies are tacky and short lasting, not to mention an absence of glue products provided.
My school kit costs a lot of money and i use it a lot so we may have to get a few extra books. please
Im headed back to school, but i've also plans to start selling my art. with loads going on i could use some organisation help!
My daughters #backtoschool, how'd i forget it?🤷🏻‍♀️ now rushing for supplies i need x-press it!🏃🏼‍♀️ with quality #xpressit, my daughter won't make me regret it!👌🏻 ✅ 👩🏼🎁📒➡️👱🏻‍♀️😯❤️😍=😘👩‍❤️‍👩 (also submitted via facebook with an accompanying photo😘)
I’m a teacher & my school had a 🔥 just after xmas & my faculty lost everything, this would be very helpful to start off the school year 📚👍
Year 10 is a busy time with tests and orientation days. this set would help me be more organized and ready for the busiest year!
Bc i’m 34 and stressing about starting university for the first time while working full time.
I’m in year 10 this year. i’m doing a vce art subject so i think it would help me a lot with organising my stuff!!
Starting year 9 and doing 2 advanced vcd subjects and this will help with organising my self and my work to meet deadlines!!
I’m doing a bachelors in visual arts and design. between my add and other health issues, this pack would be perfect to help me out!
Three kids back to school is a nightmare 😩 i need some @xpressitau organisation for smooth transition bts
I’m starting a special visual arts program for high school and i need organisation 💗😩
School? i need it to organise to pay my bills on time 😀
@xpressitau i’m an organised person but when it comes to art don’t mention it, it’s a mess!! i just need some storage so my supplies have a nice home
I'm careless, there are things i might forget , yet i have to organise many things for my two sons. a help would mean so much.
I'm working hard to become a full time artist. crazy i know. 😉 this would be such a blessing!