Elena Welcome to my page about New York. I post my daily pictures of the city we love. I also share those who tag me.
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“it can destroy an individual, or it can fulfill him, depending a good deal on luck. no one should come to new york to live unless he is willing to be lucky.” ~ e.b. white, here is new york #picturesofnewyork
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I'm walking distance from here...
Fantastic photo and quote! 💙💗👍🏼 have a wonderful day love! ❤️😘
Just passed that area haha well happy tuesday elena 🗽
If you can make it in ny, you can make it anywhere! truth! ❤️
Perfect caption for this perfect vibe of the city ❤️ so amazing my ☀️ hope you’re having a wonderful day, miss you and sending you big love 😘🤗
E.b. white is correct. but i think that i'd have to be lucky first by winning the lottery or something before i could think of living in the city. lol! beautifully detailed shot. so much to look at and admire.
😍😍😍 wonderful
Great morning vibes of park avenue! 🔥👍😊❄️
@lena_blue_and_tan awww, thank you so much lena! ♥️🤗 i really appreciate it! it’s sunny and cold here too! ☀️⛄️ have a great day! 😍😘
@quemanehdica you’re the best! 😘
@smuadi that is exactly right! 🙌🏻
@franciemotta dreams do come true! ❤️
@drykaozyellove good morning dryka! happy tuesday! ❤️