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Two is better than one! #welovecycling
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😎 😎 😎
@amaceiwinkle omg we need that🌡️
The person in the back get a b**t in his face plus he has no water bottle cage... sounds fun lol!
@ericorona_ the water bottle cage for the stoker is on the back side of front seat tube. but you are correct about a face full of b**t haha.
Wow !! 😑😅😅
@agent_of_art ok, let‘s do it! 😱🤣🤣
Esta que @__isaak__gts ?? 😍🔪
@davidabad777 esta tiene muy buena pintaa sisi esta sii
No brace bar in the middle and you better have very small hands and arms in the rear to not rub your driver !!!! looks smart though x
@oletorsvik skal vi ta denne på lillehammer - oslo i år?
T'as la tête dans le cul avec @schipper_arnaud , perso je monte devant 😂
@reven_evensen er ikke digg å ligge inne i ræva på han andre der 😂😂
@oletorsvik du liker å ligge bak du😂
The human centipede does cycling