Racing Extinction #RacingExtinction shows never-before-seen images to expose the issues of endangered species & mass extinction ✉️ [email protected] http://p2a.co/QFzRsRx
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Today is #worldpangolinday and we're grateful for @paulhiltonphoto’s dedication to saving this incredible species. small and scaly, pangolins are the world's most illegally traded mammal and in danger of extinction. while these armored creatures once inhabited vast portions of asia and africa, their populations are severely dwindling due to a massive and growing demand for their scales, which are believed to have curative properties in east asian medicine, and their meat, which is highly regarded as a symbol of status. #racingextinction
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Humans are such pathetic😞
That last photo makes me sick! thank you for bearing witness, i hope this helps change things 💔
What is happening last photo? were those discovered or are they being buried?
Last photo 😖
Ужасно 😕, непростительно
They think everything hs healing powers eat s**t for status and k**l off all kinds of beautiful creatures of this earth whales dolphins sharks and these guys. people are worthless humans don’t deserve this earth
That last photo 😡😡😡😡😡😡 what tahcsubzha
So incredible sad.
That last photo is beyond horrific. those responsible are worthless and ignorant.
Oh my god...
@a_r_t_i_m_e_o week said! it’s proven animal parts don’t help with anything, yet they keep killing endangered species for their parts?? and it all has to do with one thing, the millions of dollars they get for animal parts. and to think we came so close to not existing, with that meteor would have gone to the right!
People’s stupidity and ignorance.
This is so sad😭😭
@roxannehagan happy toenails day!