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"we call bs". students send a strong message to us lawmakers for tougher gun laws after 17 people were killed in the florida school shooting. 18-year-old emma gonzalez, who made this passionate speech, took cover on the floor of her secondary school's auditorium during the attack. #survivor #passion #guncontrol #florida #parkland #floridaschoolshooting #bbcnews
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Can i know , what is that 'bs'?
Ugh someone needs to learn new words
Organized, the youth vote can select the next potus! v o t e !!!
We call bs !!!!! you can help vote the bs out of office!!!! my deepest condolences to the family and friends and everybody in parkland florida. from woodbridge new jersey!!🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯
@esharp123 the point is to find other ways to reduce gun violence. we wouldn't have a need for guards at schools if more people would denounce violence and find better ways to cope with problems and disagreements. having a guard at a school won't stop someone from killing if that's their intention. i do support additional training before a gun purchase. as with a driver's license in the states, there should be required practical and written testing before you're able to buy a gun in the states.
@nelly_so hows that rise in knife violence doing for you guys?
Don't worry "he" is coming soon!!
@imran.kamaruddin are you wondering what bs stands for? i’m not certain if that is what you were asking, but just in case, bs is short for bull sh*t
The youth are the future we need to listen to them they call bs! we call bs!. this is what democracy looks like.
@ruidaaa exactly! we should compromise.
I wrote about the shooting on my blog page. click the link in my bio to check it! (2nd article when you scroll down) 👍👍
In finland we had two school shootings in 2007 and 2008. after those events our gun laws were made stricter. we have not had other school shootings since then. finland is the safest country in the world and i truly don’t feel myself unprotected because of this gun policy. i can’t understand how it’s so hard for some to change their laws so that their citizens are safe.
They are the reason we will be like the kingdom 🤦‍♂️
@kiam_the_lion never said uk was perfect. yes there is knife violence , predominantly gang related. one person can’t go on a mass killing spree and k**l 17 people in a matter of minutes with a knife, but can do with a gun. just saying.
@swayzeexpress a weapon used for mass killings should be when the rights of some start to effect the rights of others in a more impactful way your rights don’t mean nothing. u can live without an assault rifle. u won’t die without one those kids and other victims died because someone’s right to beat arm and someone right to sell what they want just cost individuals their lives.
It is already against the law to have a gun on school property. so no other law will stop the violence. school is a soft target change that and you won't have any more shootings.
@amanda.brodie i don't want any child to be a sitting duck or teachers to be human shields. the lack of security makes an attractive target for these cowardly fiends. it is going to take diligence on all fronts. security, parenting, gun control,, mental health, psychoactive drugs will all have to be dealt responsibly. society can no longer be made to feel guilty when people break the law.
@dsmoothieextra i fully support your idea.. and have been saying it for 10 years.. mexico and other countrys require it..
Is anyone really dumb enough in america to think that over two million guns will be confiscated without violence? americans aren't giving up our second amendment for anyone. if it's not an ar15 that's the target, then it'd be whatever the next gun that is used. either put armed security in schools or arm the staff.
Someone shut her up please
Amazing! such passion! and the law makers and government haven’t been made to be face to face with an unreasonable gun man! why such anyone have to experience this especially children! #bs
Gun doesn't k**l its the bad guys . there's a lot of people alive today because a good person had a gun .