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They got smaller but somehow managed to keep the height consistent?????
Patrick should be pink diamond and sandy white diamond 😤👌
Wow greg did sure change
Nobody calls be off colored
It took greg 5 seasons to get a shirt on
Wait! so sadie is a grown woman but she is just taller than a 7 year old ?
A lot has changed at season 5 :'(
Rose is the same
Last one i nearly spit out my coke
Amethysts-snapback made a follow up with patrick as pink diamond!!! please check it out! i don’t know if she's gonna get around to sandy as white. i'll have to ask her in class
On the hight chart, all that happened was peridot shrunk
Greg has changed so much.
It really bothers me that her peridot is out of order
Does that mean that patrick is pink diamond