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Song- tongue tied by group love,, i love this song it makes me dance and smile (going to do more outfits inspired by songs like this)
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Omg i love this song
Do something for electric love by børns
Omfg tell me why i thought it was "marmalade and we're making out"
@asstralprojection i thought it was that for awhile too😂
@sunrisse l**o thank god im not the only one
@asstralprojection wait it’s not w*f my life has just been turned upside down
@u_g.h i dont even know anymore
Fr i love that song
I...swear it was marmalade...what the hell
Is it not marmalade what
This is a conspiracy
I thought it was marmalade
That song was my f*****g jam in 7th grade (2012-2013)
Guys it's marmalade not normally they probably messed it up don't freak out

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