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“let me holla at a dj, put the record on replay”—it’s what i’ve been singing to every time i have leftovers reinvented aka bestovers. made this meal last week to show you how easy it is to repurpose the goods when you keep it simple. i always make a whole grain, roast some veggies, and cook a protein to last most of the week. add sauces of choice and a few mix-ins (canned staple = black beans or chickpeas; strain with water to decrease sodium) to change it up. here’s my bowl: turmeric taco sliced ground beef, brown rice, veggies, harissa salsa, corn salsa, give me alllll of it. how was your day? tell me what ya did in the comments 💚
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Okay this looks sooo good 🤤 only have one class on mondays so got lots of studying done! super rainy and gloomy so i’ll count it as a win that i was able to stay motivated and didn’t succumb to the couch 😂 hope you’ve had the best day 🤗
Outstanding!😊👌 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
All the goodies
Oh yes! this looks delish! so hungry now 😋
@sarahelmeanawy that is a major win. people used to skip class when it rained in college 😂 so go girl go
@sarahelmeanawy i always went... let’s be real
My hubs and i are doing the whole 30 starting march 1. any advice on that? have you done it? i've committed to two weeks. 30 days is blowing my mind and in the time from now until then i am going to lessen dairy and sugar. my protein shakes i am going to miss. that's the only thing i'm really worried about.
@eats2know i don’t know about you, but i’m not payin boatloads of tuition and taking the time to study just to skip class 🤷🏻‍♀️
Wow looks so good! it’s been an awesome slow day here - great morning workout then my first massage - 90 minutes well spent. spent the rest of the day enjoying rare tv watching and actual quality time not rushing around with my two cats.
Yummy!!!!!! 💓😍
Love the ease of throwing leftovers together when it’s whole foods. spent the day with ryan and sadie cooking and hanging
This looks amazing!!
I love recreating new dishes with leftovers! it’s the best
Bestovers is right! i need to try that harissa salsa!
Leftovers never looked so good!!😍🙌🏼
Love such meals, super delicious! since it’s an off today, been chilling at home and watching grey’s on repeat! 🤗🤗
All the goods 🙌🏻
@aaafitmom my favorite bloggers to follow for whole 30 recipes are @eatthegains @littlebitsof_realfood @physicalkitchness and @imhungrybynature they have wonderful tips, tricks and recipes. wishing you the best of luck gf 💚💚💚