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‼️ostrovit pre-amino 400 g - £14.99‼️ 👉pros of ostrovit pre-amino suppliment: – each portion contains whey protein hydrolyzate in the amount of 4000 mg, as well as the bcaa amino acid in the amount of 4000 mg. – each package has a portioning measure; – there are no fillers in the product! you receive only what is necessary for your body; – perfect taste of lemon, which will give a feeling of freshness; – in each portion of this product there is a building protein in the amount of 8000 mg, which is so necessary for the normal construction of muscle cells. . 💢ostrovit pre-amino 💢– this supplement is developed for those athletes who are striving to achieve great results. the ingredients are matched in the right ratio, this gives the opportunity to achieve the best results. in order for muscle cells to be properly constructed, they need to ensure the intake of hydrolyzate of the whey protein and bcaa amino acid into the body. both of these substances are present in the pre-amino supplement. a-akg is the predecessor of no (nitric oxide), it is capable of increasing the absorption of amino acids that are building blocks for muscle tissue. also in each portion of the product there is arginine, this helps to maximize muscle strength. in the treatment of muscle alpha-ketoglutarate l-arginine is enhanced by citrulline malate. therefore, when you use ostrovit pre-amino, you will be provided with the maximum flow of blood to the muscle fibers. 👊the composition also contains beta-alanine. this substance can increase the strength of the body during training and improve the efficiency level of the muscles of the skeleton. if you use ostrovit pre-amino suppliment, your muscles will be provided with the right substances for intensive training.
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