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How is your commute? what about this, for an inspiring and beautiful daily journey? david allanson ice skates 3.5km to his work at a hotel in falun, sweden. "i think it gives me a better start to each day," david says. #commute #work #sweden #ice #iceskate #winter #sports #bbcnews
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Hahahahaha @cpsayers 😂
The life!!! imagine sneaking in some dramatic interpretative short program (footwork, spins, jumps) on the way to work para ubos na quote mo ng drama sa umaga palang @_andreaang
@picanunu what. dis n droom.
The road is frozen...how else you you get to work???
@colleeniemaria oh! me too!! and i totally thought of you when i saw that yesterday. 😉
Talking about commuting.
This us soo cool!
@jeannejeany he skates on a lake..
Hardy swedes! know them well, i’m sure he’s right about how it starts the day right!
@deegumus not sure hahahahahaaa but i know people ski to work but skating i’m not sure of hahahahaa
@srijan__k definitely 😂😂😂😂