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Brit awards 2018 (1/4) many music stars turned up to the brit awards wearing or carrying white roses as a mark of support for the #timesup movement, which is about combating harassment and s****l assault in the entertainment industry. but paloma faith told bbc news: "the only thing i'm upset about tonight is not more men carrying white roses. i think they should have." she pinned a rose to a member of rock group royal blood on the red carpet. 1. rita ora. photo: john phillips/getty images 2. dua lipa. photo: john phillips/getty images 3. ed sheeran. photo: neil hall/ epa 4. paloma faith. photo: neil hall/ epa #brits #britawards #redcarpet #redcarpetfashion #redcarpetstyle #celebrity #celebritystyle #celebrityfashion #metoo
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Dua lipa ❀
Haah se scoreggia non si sentirà la puzza
Hahahaha the peadophile industry
@gili_limani ai momenti kur 2 personat e pare jane shqiptare 😍
@albaniansoul we are proud for them 😍
Blimey bit over the top
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Ed is the best
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