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Look out! an ice hockey puck is supposed to end up in the goal but this one flew right at the camera instead. it's been called "the best winter olympics photo ever", thanks to the great reactions of the us and czech republic players watching. we think the camera survived too... phew. photo: ronald martinez / getty images #winterolympics #hockey #puck #photography #camera #sport #pyeongchang2018 #bbcnews
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Wow! amazing shot! πŸ‘»
It’s sad to see so many empty seats. i love watching the local ice hockey!
What a genuine caption
So the game is called “shot the camera”.
@slicedogger this pic is awesome
Haha...awesome. but still a fluke.
There's a photographer with a nice souvenir from the olympics. brain damage!
Shame to see so many empty seats
Look how dry the stands are smfh
Hope the cameraman is ok😊
That is an epic photo
Oh i don’t remember that...😡
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