Tim Wallace Commercial Photographer, Ex Royal Marine, husband to the most amazing lady. Work hard, play, swear a lot and sometimes make cocktails... http://www.ambientlife.co.uk/
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You truly inspire me. i would k**l for even a quarter of your talent
Great shot!
Hey @timwallace47 beautiful sunset 😀 how did your presentation go yesterday? have a great day 😁
@mikemeyerphotopro thanks, it went really well 👍🏻
Beautiful. but, where’s the transport?😃
@clinton_ferrara small boat just on the horizon... 😜
You can photograph everything huh!! you know what i think you were born to be best photographer, you got talent from god. i red your story and was wondering if you hadn’t that accident (arm) probably you would be a military officer and sometimes take some picture. that happened became good for your life now you’re the guy i like your work a lot, keep doing 😀
Stunning... wonderful atmosphere! 📸👌🏻
Oooh! niiiice one sir 👍
Oh my, beautiful 😀