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Photo by @_kellyu “i’ve been in recovery for about a year, which does not mean healed. it means i’m aware of my struggles, and now i’m working on it,” says 24-year-old kelly uchima (@_kellyu ), who lives in chicago. from elementary school through college, kelly struggled with eating disorders. in 2015, she sought support from a therapist, and her relationship with herself started to transform, both irl and on instagram. today her account, previously focused on fitness, is devoted to self-love. “pursuing a relationship with yourself, your body and food in self-loving ways is such a journey that’s forever,” says the academic researcher. “i think that’s my biggest mission in social media: showing people how to become their own friend, their own supporter.” 💕 to learn more about kelly, check out today’s story. this post recognizes @neda awareness week in the us. #nedawareness
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What a positive message and wonderful way to provide a good example for girls and women, especially, though actually for everyone (via social media)! i lived in chicago for 11 yrs myself & wish i could have felt happier about myself and my body that entire time... and still am definitely "in it," often frustrated, but headed in such a more healthful, realistic direction and know that my mind and body simply cannot take the former abuse i put myself through. congratulations kelly, & thank you for being a shining 🌟, helping others along a rocky, confusing and societally contradicting path we women need to work together to walk, instead of compete as if on opposing catwalks! 😊🤗✌👍👍
Yeni sayfamıza bekliyoruz 😉😉😉