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Mikaela loach (@mikaelaloach ) is on a mission to make climate activism and ethical and sustainable living accessible to all. 💪💕⁣

“social justice issues cannot and should not be divorced from talk around sustainability and the climate crisis. so, rather than just using my own privilege to be zero waste, vegan and fast-fashion free myself, it’s also about looking at the world as it is and asking myself: how can i make these lifestyle changes possible for everyone? how can i create a world that is good for all people?”⁣

this month, @cosmopolitanuk is releasing the “positivity index,” a list of 25 british people — included mikaela — who are striving to make social media, and the world, a better place.⁣

“i’m honestly very touched that my wee contribution to the world through my activism can be something both positive and hopeful,” says mikaela, “which are two things we all need right now!”⁣

learn more about the positivity index on @cosmopolitanuk and @cybersmilefoundation now. ⚡
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