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“sharing your stories helps other people feel seen and heard,” says robin thede (@robinthede ), creator of @ablackladysketchshow (pictured right).⁣

“i came up with the name ‘the black lady sketch show’ when i created the series because i didn’t want there to be any confusion about what people were watching,” says robin. “then we changed it to ‘a black lady sketch show’ so that we didn’t single ourselves out as the only one. that simple change to “a” means that we’re one of possibly many black lady sketch shows, which would be a dream come true!”⁣

the best part of #ablss for robin? “working with all these amazing black women,” she says. “writers, our director, our cast, our guest stars… and of course, (pictured left) issa rae (@issarae ).” #shareblackstories
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Can i get more followers please
“wildboy “ out now artist @kiddtarriii
Pull up september 14th @rave with @liltjay and @kiddtarriii they both blowing up 🚀
🌟🌟🏆🏆♦️💖♦️💖🌠💍💍☆gold and diamonds, sends the very best wishes & eternal blessings to you both 🎋🎋
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@saba_m.t1035 سلام من بلاک شدم نمیتونم بهت دایرکت بدم اگه ممکنه بیا دایرکت کارت دارم
@instagram i do not give you permission to use my post, stories, messages or info both past or future!

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