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Sooo.. i always get a lot of questions about when the next one would be out.. do you already know these first few? 🤭🤭
also, comment below if you have a favourite shop that is not in my first #bubbleteabingo! check my highlights to see the first one, okay! 🌻🥰 looking forward to sharing this with you when i'm done~ be patient with me!
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Forebidden’s pei pa gou bubble tea!
The black whale 🐋💕
Let’s have a boba date 😍
👍🏻 may i know which app to draw with this nice work? thanks!
Is there family mart's bbt???
Now i want bbt!!! 😍
Black whale, family mart boba, secret recipe boba, cool blog
I’m just excited for this one 👍🏻
Eh even starbucks as boba now 🤣
Hahah cool❤️😍
Macao imperial tea tea please 😊
Happy lemon😭
Who's tea and panntea
@moodoodles i remember u mentioned abt using metal straws to us boba lovers in order to save our planet. any ideas on how to reduce the plastic cup too? do u know of any recyclable boba tea container? if yes, do these outlet allow us to use our own container? sorry abt all the questions but plastics are really taking over our earth. dont wanna wake up one day to a wasteland 😔
Lucky tea , uno tea house, toco tea, bobaholicas, 7leaves
Love your drawing style 😍
Oh nooo i haven't even finished the first one
Go try sugar mummy boba. they are the best! ✨
Jld dragon
Hey cha! shake shake as well

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