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Honestly i don’t think people take into account how bad that drugging situation was for reid before he went to prison. he got sober in season 3 and then in season 12 had almost 10 years of sobriety flushed down the toilet. it’s heartbreaking. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #cmscene #criminalminds #criminalmindsedit #spencerreid #emilyprentiss #derekmorgan #lukealvez #taralewis #mattsimmons #davidrossi #criminalmindsscenes #season2 #jenniferjareau #scene #criminalmindsscene #edit #cm #penelopegarcia #spencerreid
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The show treated it like it was nothing and it makes me mad
I know this is serious, but reid's face in the first swipe, i just-
Me, only in season 9: he what?
Yo i'm in season 4 and don't worry i already knew this happened from other shit, but i have a question. does he get better? fuck!
I hated him in this scene but their friendship has grown profoundly
Where can i watch 14 and 15
For free thi
The show doesn't even talk about his addiction anymore
This is a serious scene but (holds badge upside down) is funny
Hold up he had an addiction problem?? i’ve watched this show over and over again and never knew that??
Strongly disliked how they all just forgot about what reid had gone through and was still going through

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