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It would make me not want to buy it without a stick i don’t get how such a powerful american muscle car can only come in auto it should only be available in manual!!!!
Highly bothered 😤
Reduction pulley or something. i wanna hear that supercharger scream
No because it’s clearly so fast taht you wouldn’t have time to change gears
Yup ,, and worse they gonna make a hybrid one 🤢
Of course it bothers me, because now it's not a muscle car
It’s a little wack
Omg😲 you're just disgusting 🙆🏽‍♂️ could u guys check out my channel that'll be very much appreciated 💙
Nah bc autos are faster anyways
Waiting for the super snake
Nope they were testing manuals i saw them in person!!!!!😍
Dual clutch is super nice
They got up to 140 that run the car is fast af nobody cares if it auto it’s fast
I prefer stick shift, but good paddle shifters is a fair trade off for this kind of power. probably best to have both hands on the wheel.
Tbh not really

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