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pitch black,
pale blue.
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Kota what did you do?......w...what did you do?...
I dig it, that’s pretty cool. keep up the good work! :)
Ohhh that hit home ... oh man 😭
Kota really be going through it lowkey😞
Eyes up guardian, scorn approaching
Looken good
A guardian goin through a lot rn
😍😍😍 slyyy
Aww bby 😱 but also, mood™ 😭
Me after my 26 run of levi but still no midnight coup
10/10 would look at m****r drawing again
Oh god oh no, you're going to make the floor dirty and sweeper bots shift has ended! what are we going to do
What did she kill? and she looks so mad
:( i want to hug her she- she wont stab me if i do that right- she's really goin through it
Deadass tho who hurt her..... padmé is gonna stop by and mess stuff up
How only perch
What's happening to her....
The caption's lyrics are from neptune huh?
I love it when people comment their ocs saying they’ll help kota, and i get to see a new account with cool ocs