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When we decided to make the 2019 alaska quest 2 and 1/2 months in duration we had this blind hope that we’d scope the northern lights aurora hype. sure enough we were hanging with some visiting squad at their air bnb in alyeska last weekish and i stepped outside at 2am after we rallied through our 5th harry potter episode of the day, and whammyyy. i saw some nocturnal activities i’d’nt ever seent previously. we scoped this stuff for an hour is so and i finally motivated to capture some digital stills. honestly v easy to capture because they were so bright and visible to the human ocular. it wasn’t until after this night that i began researching the science going on and the likelihood of seeing the aurora where we were at that time of year. basically we lucked out and will have 1-2 more opportunities before we head back to the mainland us of a. also, for you photogs, i’m a night photo stickler for white balance so i recruited the best in the biz @abbihearne to help me get these dialed.
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