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Residência por arquiteta chantal ficarelli 😍 #repost @44arquitetura⠀

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@blogdaarquitetura | a sua dose diária de #inspiração
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Muito boa essa. tirando os vidros ficou bem legal. gostei do espaço externo @disc.quellopes
Hey i am a 17 yr old just created my account 3 days ago and i really am a architecture and nature lover i enjoy those things alot.🖤the reason i started is because i aspire to be a big architect one day and i want to know what you guys think about my content and overall profile. i accept all type of critic's, comments,etc.. please like to help other people see it(: thank youu!🌎
⚜ brilliant! ⚜
Follow for follow? great content and insta page? ☺️
@nabela.ana acabe de vore com será macasa 😜
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