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I’m starting a chip fan club.
chip will be reading all your comments and questions and will reply to as many as he can, via his personal admin. assistant (fostermomma). .

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Hey cutie chip what's your favorite movie?♥️🐾
He’s just soooooo cute! 😻
😍😍😍😍 precious little thing
Chip’s tee shirt! “ paws in air, don’t care” cost: priceless $$$$$$$
What’s your favourite food chip?
Could i adopt you forma spain? you williams have 3 siblings🤩(joke) you are adorable❤
Aww, tiny little furbaby, you are so cute, so beautiful and just so adooorable😻😻😻😻
Hi chip, just how much do you love your foster mama ? 🧡
What’s not to love? ❤️
How old are you sweet baby 🧡🧡🧡💕🐾
Busca a su mamá 😞pero es una hermosura
I keep staring at this little chipmunk and cannot get enough! oh gosh, i am thinking of asking my boss if he will pay me to watch this guy all day long instead of working! 😅😅
I will join
Oh my goodness too much cuteness!!!! 😍❤️😍
I could do nothing but what chip all day and die happy!!!😻😻😻

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